Modern software deployments specially micro service based applications use Kubernetes extensively in both production as well as staging environments. During Erlang application deployments in K8s, peer discovery is one of the challenges. Although there are clustering capabilities in Erlang, which are leveraged natively by distributed applications, running distributed Erlang application cluster on K8s requires additional effort, as we will discuss.

In order to form an Erlang cluster, there are few requirements to be satisfied.

First one is, each node in cluster must have same Erlang-cookie which is the shared secret used for authentication between cluster nodes. …

Camunda BPM with Erlang programming language
Camunda BPM with Erlang programming language

In this article I’m going to describe an application which is created with Camunda BPM engine and erlang programming language. The use case of this article is more related to the domain called subscription management and this use case is to validate subscription request for the specific service code from the subscriber MSISDN. Do not bother if you are not much familiar with this Telecommunication domain specific application. The main objective of this article is to describe a method that Camunda BMP engine can work along with erlang programming language.

Component diagram for the use case scenario is depicted below.

Previous article of this series (Part1), I described how to create a Talend job to open HTTP API to lookup single table of postgreSQL database. As a continuation in this article I’m explaining a technique for looking up two tables with joining. This can be extended to more than two tables.

The table descriptions for the two tables i.e. device_model and device_blacklist which are using during this article is as below. …

In this article I’m going to describe a Talend ESB job created for a table lookup in PostgreSQL database over HTTP API.

Below is the table description of the service_details table, which is the table to be looked up. The main purpose of this article is to explain a technique to create HTTP API in Talend ESB that can be used for looking up single table in postgreSQL database. …

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